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Head Space Studio aims to provide support and autonomy to local hairstylists in EXACTLY the environment we want to provide our clients: unconditionally kind, uplifting and inclusive. Head Space Studio fosters and celebrates creativity and diversity in every mind, body, and soul.


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We don't only make hair dreams come true! Head Space Studio is a second-hand and artisan focused retail studio.


We are woman, queer, and locally owned. Here, you can exist in a safe space, however you need/want to, in the very moment you are living. We provide attention to detail and the finest services tailored to you...

and an alternative to the every-day, run-of-the-mill salon.

*Alternative hair for alternative folx*








our team
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Sarah Havas
(owner/lead stylist)
(704)770-7329 TXT only

I have been in the industry for over 12 years and specialize in intuitive hair cutting, blonding and vivid hair colors. My clients joke about how my tag line should read "never a dull moment" and they mean it in the best way! Come get pampered in and be ready to laugh a lot! With vast training and a hunger for more, you'll be in good hands once you sit in my chair.

Sarah is a Charlotte native, and mother to a human son and 3 fur-babies. In her free time you'll catch her dancing, crocheting, and enjoying live music. It's her goal to create a safe space for EVERY human; whether you're  sitting in a styling chair or communicating your love through the art of hair. 


 Sammie Ramirez (stylist)

(704)756-5385 TXT Only

Meet Sammie, the freshest stylist on the block, ready to sprinkle enchantment into your hairdo! Don't let her newbie status fool you! Sammie's scissors are like magic wands, transforming hair into masterpieces! Her artistic spirit radiates from every snip, every clip, and every color splash. As a kid, Sammie adored emo and scene styles, which sparked her passion for hair experimentation. Her heart beats for all things Japanese haircuts, and she's a maestro in funky cuts and wild colors. Sammie never stops learning, regularly attending classes, and teaming up with local artists to create new styles. But beyond all her hair wizardry, she's a total dog lover, moviegoer, festival-goer, and concert-goer.

Amelia Loveless (stylist)

Meet Amelia: a true hair artist who celebrates your natural beauty and takes pride in enhancing your unique texture. Whether you want to embrace low maintenance hair or experiment with bold, vivid colors and rad cuts, Amelia has the skill and creativity to make vour vision a reality. With a passion for staying current on the latest trends and techniques, she’ll ensure you leave the salon with a look that's both stunning and effortless.

Get ready to fall in love with your hair all over again! Book an appointment today and let the magic begin!

Kiki Mullen (stylist)
(480) 678-7702 TXT only

Introducing the hair magician, Kiki! Originally hailing from the Midwest, but blossoming in Scottsdale, AZ, Kiki has now staked her claim in Charlotte. With four years of salon wizardry, Kiki's creative flame burns bright as she loves to dabble in funky, high-fashion hair and makeup. Her bubbly and vivacious personality shines through in both her professional and personal life, where she's an all-around creative connoisseur of fashion, painting, music, dance, and film. And let's not forget Theodore, Kiki's adorable fur baby. Kiki's colorful spirit and crafty skills make her a true gem in the world of style and humanity ❤️

Macie Love (stylist)

Meet Macie, the hair wizard who lives for bold and daring looks! Whether it's a stellar vivid color, funky razor cut, or lived-in blonde, she's got the magic touch to make you stand out like a star. When she's not transforming manes in the salon, Macie is scaring up a storm with her favorite horror flicks or battling dragons in her video games. She's got a sidekick too - a cute chihuahua who's always up for adventure! Macie's love for art and nature takes her exploring museums and hiking through mountains. Trust her artistic vision and technical expertise to create a look that'll leave you feeling like a million bucks! Book an appointment today and join the hair revolution!

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Bellami Hair

Sarah Havas is Master certified by way of Bellami's Master Certification Course. Bellami Hair is 100% Remy hair, twice drawn, and available in the widest color range in the industry. Without a doubt, the leading brand in hair enhancements!

Hair Extensions
  • I-tip

  • Volume Weft (Sew-in)

  • K-tip

  • Tape In

Cult & King

Cult + King is a no poison, no BS haircare line. 

Cult + King Manifesto:

This isn’t just about making the best hair and shave products in the world;
this is about a new movement of positive, disruptive change.

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Pulp riot

Pulp Riot is a color and hair care line created and driven by hairstylists. With a focus on artistry and empowering stylists, they treat the hair as a canvas and deliver the best "paint" for ultimate control and creativity. Sarah Havas uses Pulp Riot for fantasy colors, and other color tools.


Styling and hair care line using Sea Buckthorn Berry, harnessing fatty-acid Omega 7 (responsible for increasing synthesis of elastin and collagen.)

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